Review for Tiara's Story :)

Tiara's Story :)

(#) Mcrroxursox45 2012-12-16

Fluff, but not too much! Good! Too much fluff makes me want to literally puke.
You did such a good job, im sorry mine for you sucked so much! If you wanna 'nother I'll make you one.
Oh! And sorry about the Christmas fic, I forgot you audioned on the first 'Chap' so you can be a daughter too.

Author's response

I can't help adding fluff, it just happens and I can't stop it D':

Also, am I yours and Gerard's daughter or just Mikey's? Either way thanks for the part :D

And also, don't worry, the one you wrote for me was awesome but either way if you wanna do another exchange then that's fine by me ;D

Love Hozzie