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Tiara's Story :)

(#) Mcrroxursox45 2012-12-16

Me and Gee's.

And YES! More fic exchanges! I literally think I'm obsessed.
Sigh Let's do it again!

Name: Tiara
Age: 16
Appearance: You know, correct?
Plot: Like the Notebook! Tiara and Gerard meet while Tiara is in town for summer break. He asks her out, but she says no. This happens again, until he puts himself in fake danger, then she says yes. After the first date, they can't get enough of each other. Towards then end of the summer, her parents ban him from dating Gerard because he isn't rich. Gee hears this, and breaks up with her, saving her the trouble. They fight, and before they make up, Tiara is forced to go back to college. 2 years later, Tiara sees him featured in a magazine and goes to visit him. They rekindle, and live happily ever after. Not too sappy please!

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Author's response

I can write that, I'll start writing it right now :) Also, I'll try not to make it too sappy but I can't seem to help it :'(

Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Way
Age: 16
Appearance: You know that :3
Plot: Can it be that she's Gerard's daughter and she has like a massive crush on Frank? One day she finally gets the courage to tell him that she likes him and he says he feels the same way so he kisses her and stuff then Gerard finds out and freaks out because he's way older than her and bans her from seeing him. Obviously she's all upset until Frank shows up and then I can't think of an ending, could you make one up please? :3

Love Hozzie