Review for Love is Only Love

Love is Only Love

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-12

i was nervous to read the infamous "sex" scene i knew would eventually come, thinking most of the vocabulary would consist of "cock" "dick" and "asshole" but i must

on top of being incredibly erotic, it was surprisingly well written. it wasn't dirty and it seemed genuinely authentic. how much research did it take to write this? now i'm just being dirty...

anyway, this is soooo on my favs list. you two rock

Author's response

What is truly amazing is that I (getupngo) wrote this all from my head. I will say I have seen some gay porn (lol), but it was not neccesary in writing this. I think Pete and Ryan deserved to actually make love, and not just have sex, ya know? It was the least I could do.