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The path into this heart is littered with corpses and strewn with body parts of those who came before

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AN: Pete is looking at me with accusatory eyes. It's making me feel bad for writing his super gayness here. But he loves it and knows it's true...right, Pete? Gah! My poster just nodded at me....!!!!!!


Neither of them was sure what to say or do next. It was finally out there, all of it. There was nothing left to say, honestly. So Pete did what he thought was the right next move. He slowly approached Ryan, who was staring at Pete like a deer in the headlights. They had both just screamed at each other and the next thing he knew, he had told Pete he loved him. And now he was standing paralyzed as he watched Pete come up to him, standing only inches from his face. Pete let a light smile play on his face; Ryan felt his knees go weak. He didn't know what to do when he saw Pete begin to lean in, does this mean what he thinks it means? Ryan felt a jolt of electricity course through his veins when Pete's lips crashed with his. Pete pulled back after a few seconds and looked Ryan in the eyes. He could tell he was scared, Pete wasn't exactly feeling one hundred percent brave right now but he had no fear, either. Pete leaned in again, this time placing gentle butterfly kisses on Ryan's lips. Carefully, Pete placed his hand on the back of Ryan's head, pulling his body closer. Ryan gasped into Pete's opening mouth as he felt their tongues collide. Ryan happily let his tongue battle with Pete's, both of them beginning to feel the butterflies deep in their bodies. Pete gently began pushing Ryan backwards, making sure that his legs were right up against the bed nearby. As soon as Ryan felt the backs of his legs touch the bed, he knew he was in over his head. He loved Pete and was sure now that Pete shared in his love, he knew he wanted to feel Pete all over him and inside of him, but he wasn't sure he wanted it now. It was all happening too quickly.

Finally finding some courage, he reached up and pressed Pete backward until Pete detached his lips from Ryan's. Pete looked at him in question, he could feel Ryan erect through his jeans and was wondering why he was stopping him. As soon as Ryan was able to see Pete's eyes, all of his doubt faded quickly. He knew that no matter what happened between them after this moment, they would never be without the knowledge of each other's affections. Ryan shook his head and Pete grinned again, advancing on him. Ryan wrapped his arms around Pete's back and their kiss went from light to heavy. Pete slid his hands down from Ryan's head, letting his fingers gently graze the boy's t-shirt. Ryan groaned softly as Pete pressed their hips together, both feeling each other's arousal. Ryan decided to take the next step and crisscrossed his arms, letting his hands grip the hem of Pete's shirt. Pete pulled away from Ryan once again and stared at his light brown eyes. They were brimming now with passion, the fear was gone. Pete nodded at Ryan's action and let him slowly pull his shirt over his head. Ryan had seen Pete shirtless before, but it had never made him feel the way he was feeling right now. He brought his hands up to Pete's chest and ran his fingers gently all over the front of him. Pete sighed at the feeling, letting Ryan touch and explore on his chest and stomach. After a few minutes, Ryan was completely in a trance and wanted nothing more then to make Pete feel good. He brought his head down and gently placed kisses on Pete's neck, causing him to moan quietly. Pete's erection was begging for release and he couldn't hold it much longer, it was beginning to hurt. Without any kind of warning, Pete reached down and yanked Ryan's shirt over his head and placed a strong, passionate kiss on his lips. Ryan lost his breath for a moment and Pete began to show more lust then he did earlier.

Still attached in their kiss, Ryan frantically began grasping at Pete's belt, pulling it open and opening his zipper. Ryan's mind was telling him he wasn't prepared for what was going to happen next, but his body and heart were telling him a different story. He roughly pulled away from Pete's lips and got to his knees in a quick motion. He licked his lips as he pulled Pete's pants down over his hips. Pete stepped out of his jeans and watched excitedly as Ryan then pulled down his boxer briefs and stared at his erection. Pete gently reached down and ran his fingers through Ryan's hair, letting him know it was all okay. With a trembling hand Ryan wrapped his fingers around Pete's hard on and slowly slid his lips around the head of the shaft. Pete gasped loudly as he felt Ryan's soft lips embrace him. Ryan was incredibly surprised to find he didn't totally hate the feeling of a penis in his mouth. He felt encouraged by Pete's groans and let his tongue slip over the head and then ran his lips back down over his stiffness. Pete placed his other hand on the back of Ryan's head too, partly out of support so he didn't completely fall over, the other to aid him in his job. Pete moaned as Ryan's head slid up and down his erect member. He let his eyes open and looked down at the boy, just in time to see Ryan peer up at him, still carefully giving Pete all the pleasure he could. Their eyes locked and in that instance, Pete felt his balls tighten and without really a warning, grunted as Ryan gently tugged on his balls as Pete threw his head back and released himself into Ryan's awaiting throat. Ryan sucked gently until he sure Pete was finished and slowly stood up, feeling his legs shake beneath him.

Pete still had his head titled to the ceiling, but slowly looked at Ryan. He wasn't sure what should happen next, but leaned in and lightly kissed Ryan's wet lips, tasting himself on his mouth. Pete gently pressed Ryan back once more, forcing his knees to give out and to lie down on the bed beneath them. Ryan settled himself comfortably on his back as Pete crawled on top of him, hungrily kissing the skin on his neck and chest. Ryan grasped at Pete's back, feeling completely out of sorts from his feelings. He gently dug his nails into Pete's shoulders, which made him groan into Ryan's neck. Pete rested himself on his knees, still stratling Ryan's thin frame. He kissed Ryan's lips again, sliding his tongue along his teeth and then loving the feeling of both of their tongues embracing each other. Pete put one hand down on the bed and used his other hand to begin fumbling with Ryan's belt. Ryan placed his hand on Pete's neck and gently tugged his lips away and began kissing a trail across his cheek and to his ear as he licked and sucked on Pete's earlobe. Pete gasped, the sensation causing his cock to begin blood flow once again. Pete leaned back on his legs, watching himself pull the zipper of Ryan's jeans down slowly. He unbuttoned them and started to tug them off. Ryan's erection was barely contained by his thin boxer briefs and it made Pete smile. He hooked his fingers under the waistband and began to tug them down as well, Ryan's erection springing free as he pulled them away. Pete moved his body down until he could comfortably slide Ryan into his mouth. Ryan muttered an obscenity as he felt Pete's lips begin to embrace his cock, Pete playing with his balls as he continued sucking. Pete pulled back momentarily and spit on his dick, then began to run his hand slowly up and down. Ryan groaned accordingly, wanting desperately for some kind of release. Pete placed his lips around Ryan again and bobbed up and down, feeling Ryan grab his hair and help guide him. Ryan yelled as he arched his back and let his orgasm rip through his body, holding Pete's head firmly in place until he was empty.

Pete pulled back and wiped his mouth, half smiling at Ryan through the dim lit room. Ryan was panting with his eyes closed. He was almost afraid too open them, thinking this had to be a dream and Pete really wasn't here, doing exactly what he had dreamed of for so long. Pete was ready again, and he wanted to take this as far as it could, not knowing if he would ever get an opportunity like this again. He lay down beside Ryan, feeling the heat from his body and it made him tingle. Pete placed his arm over Ryan's stomach and kissed his neck, wanting him to recuperate so this wouldn't be over. Ryan rolled onto his side, letting his lips collide once more with Pete's. He ran his hand through puts hair, shivering when he felt Pete's skin on his. Pete wasn't exactly sure how to go about approaching this next event, but decided to try the best he could and rolled onto his back, forcing Ryan to roll on top of him. Pete could feel Ryan's immediate arousing growing against his leg. He wanted Ryan to fuck him in the worst way, but was really terrified at the same time. He suddenly found himself wondering if this would really solidify the fact that he was gay. He didn't want to think he was completely gay, but this situation was more arousing then anything he had ever experienced with a girl...

Ryan carefully placed himself on his knees, just knowing what needed to happen next. He brought his fingers to his mouth and wet them, making sure this would go as smoothly as something like this could. He leaned down and began kissing all exposed parts of Pete's skin and hastily taking the next step. He pushed one finger all the way inside Pete's ass, hearing him groan in pleasure at the feeling. Ryan slid his finger in and out slowly, Pete reaching his hand up to grasp at Ryan shoulder, when Ryan slid a second finger inside. Pete gasped as his nails slipped around Ryan's back. He couldn't take the torture any longer, he wanted the real thing. He reached down and started to jerk Ryan off, trying to give him the hint that it was time. Ryan was satisfied that Pete was ready, put procrastinated, relishing the in the look on Pete's face. He finally sat back on his legs and took a deep breath. This was more then he ever thought he wanted, but at this moment he knew nothing else mattered.

He placed himself at the edge and then pushed; grunting at the resistance Pete was giving him. Pete tried so hard to relax, wanting this to happen in the worst way. He finally felt a slight twinge of pain, which was quickly replaced but an overwhelming amount of pleasure. Pete threw his head back and immediately grabbed his own dick and started to tug at it. Ryan stayed still for a moment once he was in to the hilt, trying to get his head around the fact that this was actually happening. As soon as he got his bearings back, he started to pump himself in and out of Pete's awaiting ass. Pete squeezed his eyes shut so tight, moaning and panting at the sensations in his bowels. He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold on, this being the most erotic moment of his life. He didn't want to come, however, fearing he wouldn't be able to return the favor to Ryan. He enjoyed the sensation for a little while longer, putting his hands on Ryan's hips, helping guide his motions. Pete finally got the strength to pull himself away from Ryan, leaving a confused look on the boy's flushed face. Pete motioned for him to lie down, letting Ryan scamper onto his back. Pete smiled at him, and gingerly placed two of his wet fingers at the entrance and received a hurried nod from Ryan, then proceeded to work his fingers into his ass. Ryan felt tears well in his eyes, the fervor he was feeling was over coming him; he wasn't prepared for this. Pete inelegantly spit on his dick and quickly forced entrance into Ryan. Ryan yelped, the pain was amazing, he didn't think it would be this bad. He quickly shut his eyes and relaxed as much as he could. Pete noticed the pain brimming in Ryan's eyes before he shut them and eased out slightly. He wanted him to be able to feel what he felt, to know that he wasn't there to hurt him, ever.

Ryan let his eyes squint open and peered up at Pete, who reached his left hand up to his face and caressed his cheek. Ryan took a deep breath and nodded at Pete once more. Pete kept his gaze on Ryan, still stroking his cheek and began pumping in and out of him. Ryan finally felt it, the pleasure that he knew was there. He brought his hand up to Pete's, grabbed it, squeezing his hand, and then kissing his wrist. He smiled, then both of them became besieged and they began panting and breathing in unison. Ryan reached down to grab a hold of his own erection, slowly pulling at it, both the sensation on his dick and in his ass quickly taking their toll on his body. He reached up, placed his hand on the back of Pete's neck and pulled him to his lips, their tongues entwining as Pete's humping got faster and harder. He started to grunt into Ryan's mouth as Ryan gasped into his. He quickly placed his kisses along Ryan's collarbone and shoved himself inside hard one last time, both of their orgasms making their breath shake and their skin tingle. Pete rested his forehead on Ryan's, panting and licking his lips, not wanting to move from this position. Ryan wrapped his arms around Pete, burying his head in his neck, nuzzling himself comfortable. Pete reached his hand up and brushed at Ryan's hair and kissed his nose and his forehead, then placed a soft, passionate kiss on his flushed lips.

After a moment of kissing and embracing, Pete crawled off of Ryan and stood up, stretching and walking to his boxer briefs, pulling them on, then lying his head on the pillow, feeling one hundred percent satisfied. Ryan quickly copied Pete's actions, sliding his underwear on and then resting himself near Pete, his head on his chest and they fell asleep, their heart beats synchronizing, both knowing that morning was going to come too fast.
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