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Your only pretty when you walk away and you act oblivious (don't call it a crush)

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Ryan and Jon walked out of the coffee shop together and Jon stared at Ryan as the younger boy fished a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and proceeded to light and deeply inhale one.
"I thought you were quitting?" Jon asked as they started walking in the direction of the hotel.
"yea, well I'll get around to it eventually." Ryan shot back in a tone that clearly said to drop the subject.
"ok fine. whatever. its your lungs"
"its your liver."
"touche young one. touche." Jon finished with a laugh, "In all seriousness though, are you going to talk to Pete?"
"umm...I doubt it. We're all leaving to head back home tomorrow and we all know that anything I feel for him, even if it is reciprocated, can't go anywhere."
"ok, once again, I don't buy that whole 'this can't go anywhere' spiel. And secondly you need to go talk to him, you just used the word reciprocate in casual conversation."
"shut up. I'll talk to him ok." Ryan grumbled as they walked into the hotel.
"good. I'm going over there to see what the hell Joe is trying to do to that vending machine. I'll see you upstairs" Jon said distractedly while observing Joe repeatedly poking and what looked like begging a vending machine to give up a bag of chips.
"see ya later man." Ryan said chuckling to himself at the table and headed upstairs in the elevators.
After reaching the floor he was staying on Ryan headed into his room, only to find Brendon sprawled out on his bed looking like death with a pillow over his head.
"fun night?" Ryan asked somewhat quieter then he had asked Jon as Brendon had a tendency to throw bitchy tantrums if mocked when hung over.
"....." Brendon's reply was completely muffled by the pillow so Ryan shrugged to himself before taking a flying leap onto the bed with the sole intention of jostling his roommate into conversation. In the process he knocked the pillow off of Brendon's face to reveal, instead of a scowl as he had been expecting, a very worried expression.
"Wow. who died?" Ryan asked before Brendon could start to rant at him about the cannonball onto the bed.
"Pete, nearly." Brendon dryly replied staring at Ryan with eyes that belied his sarcasm.
"....what?" Ryan's face went chalk white as he stared at Brendon.
"You need to go talk to him. You need to tell him you're in love with him. And you need to do it now. The stupid ass took a bottle of sleeping pills, and thankfully had so much fucking caffeine in his system from the Redbull he drinks that he puked most of them up after passing out." Brendon stated quite seriously to the other boy.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"BULL...bullshit man. You know I'm right. I've known you for far too long to not realize what's going on. I'm not as oblivious and self-centered as everyone would like to think."
"Yes you are."
"Ha ha. Very funny. Not a time for jokes man." Brendon shot back.
"Well did he tell you WHY he took the pills? Maybe he needed new album material?" Ryan inquired cautiously.
Brendon sat there for a minute staring at the older boy with a curious expression on his face before answering "No. He didn't tell me why he took them. But you need to go talk to him. You're good with that touchy feely bullshit."
"And Patrick, ya know his best friend, can't talk to him?"
"Patrick doesn't know. Pete would like it kept that way."
"So you tell me?" Ryan asked exasperatedly.
"Like I said your better at that touchy feely crap then I am."
With Brendon's final statement he got up and walked into the adjoining room where Ryan could hear everyone else. Grabbing a pillow he shoved it over his own face and just screamed into it in frustration with the whole situation before standing up and heading out of the room and down the hall to be a good friend. If being a good friend required telling the man he had fallen in love with he was an imbecile and possibly decking him for doing something so phenomenally stupid then so be it. Four minutes later Ryan was pounding on the door to Pete's room. Three minutes after that Pete swung the door open fully dressed, but at the same time obviously just out of the shower. Thirty seconds later Pete was on the floor holding his jaw that was going to be bruised from Ryan's right hook and Ryan was standing in the doorway crying.
"Good to see you too Ry, you wanna come in?"
A full minute passed after the question, with Pete still unmoving on the floor and Ryan standing in the doorway with silent tears falling down his cheeks.
"Yea. sure." Ryan finally responded.
"So..." Pete started as he got up off the floor and walked into the room, "is there a reason I almost had a broken jaw?"

"Yes. You're a fucking idiot." Ryan confirmed as he sat down on the closest bed.

"Well, as long as that's cleared up." Pete said slowly before reaching out and smacking Ryan hard in the back of the head.
"OW! What the fuck?"

"Payback's a bitch."
"What are you four?!" Ryan yelled jumping up from the bed and staring Pete in the face.
"No! But you're lucky I didn't punch you. FUCK you! Coming into my room and hitting me in the face. And I don't even know WHY!" Pete screamed back.

"I already told you--You're an IDIOT. You couldn't make up drama? You HAD to create it yourself?"

"....I'm gonna kill that little twit. I swear to all that is holy I'm gonna ring his scrawny little bitchy neck myself."
"HEY! Only I can make fun of Brendon's effeminate sensibilities." Ryan shot back.

Both men paused at that statement before looking at each other and cracking up.
"Effeminate sensibilities? Dude, you have been spending wayyyy too much time around Spencer." Pete smirked along with his statement as he walked across the room to grab a bottle of water.
"No changing the subject. Seriously Pete. What the hell were you thinking?" Ryan said softly staring at his friend.
Pete shrugged and took a sip of the water before stating "I just, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I was so tired, and I just wanted to sleep."
"Oh yea, and a handful of sleeping pills is going to do that really well huh?"
"Like I said, seemed like a good idea at the time. What do you care anyway?" Pete said without meeting Ryan's eyes.

Ryan sighed and walked over to the side table to lean against it before closing his eyes and letting Pete's words wash over him. The more they played through his head the angrier he got. Without caring about the consequences of what might happen in the next few minutes Ryan opened his eyes, grabbed the glass ashtray sitting next to him and hurled it at the wall closest to Pete's head before screaming at the top of his lungs, his words mingling with the sound of shattering crystal.

One minute, one minute is all it takes to shatter a person's perspective on the world. In that one minute Ryan Ross proceeded to make Pete Wentz's world resemble the ashtray that he had ducked to avoid being hit with. Staring at the younger boys heaving chest from the hysterics he was trying to avoid, Pete realized that he wasn't lying. Brendon had been right...
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