Review for Give 'Em Hell, Kid

Give 'Em Hell, Kid

(#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2012-12-21

I've definitely changed since this time last year too. For the better? I don't know. Probably. But I have changed. Seriously, if you came on Ficwad a year ago, I was going by my sister's first name and an old friend's surname. While a lot of people on here who call me by name know my name's Liz, there's a couple of friends on here I have who know me only by that fake name.

Now, I know what I want to do with my life. I know what to do with myself. (I still don't like reading my own work though.)

I guess you could say you helped. All of the amazing Ficwaddians did, actually, and if I had everyone's email address, I would thank them too. But alas I don't, so I'll have to settle for this. So thank you, mama AJ.

xxxxx Liz

Author's response

I guess I changed for the better, too
I'm sure you have :)