Review for AUDITIONS!!!!


(#) KilljoyOnFire 2012-12-28

Name: Fyre Skyblaze

Age: 15

Weapon of choice: She's really good with anything, but she prefers a hunting knife.

One skill that you would bring to the group: Hunting.

Appearance: Short, choppy black hair, pretty grey eyes, pale skin, tall, thin. Wears all black and big black combat boots. Though the boots are heavy, she's surprisingly fast.

Part: Travels with group? :D

What is one trait you have that would bring down the group: Fyre is very moody and doesn't let many people close to her. Very mysterious and doesn't talk much.

A brief background of the character: Fyre came from a very poor, dysfunctional family and had to supply food and basic things for her under-appreciative family. She's a nurturer and likes to take care of people. She doesn't talk much, but she's very loyal to her friends and very protective. She's fantastic at hunting and has good wilderness survival skills. She hides all emotion, but she is a very caring person. Fyre is very mysterious and never reveals her true name, Fyre being the nickname that her sister gave to her because of a large, flame-shaped burn scar on her arm.