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(#) nerds_assemble 2012-12-28

I once had the most fucked up dream. There were like, twenty Ninja Turtles in my room that had escaped from little pods out of a giant spaceship that was traveling to the future and then they were in my room and Gerard was like "I need your help!!!!" And I was like "What the hell do you need my help for? You're Gerard." and he was like "Because! I told the press I'd have some details on TUA and The Killjoys and shit!" And I was like "..." and then he was all "Ugh. I'm fucked." and he left just as the ninja turtle (that does not exist) with a black mask came up to me and asked for pizza money.

So. It was like, weirder than the time I dreamt I was watching Will & Grace and MCR came on it.

Author's response

Freaky shit,yo.

Wait,what was Gerard doing in your room in the first place?