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my online diary

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thought i'd write a diary. I'll talk about anything.. my chem most of the time though.. then you give me feedback. that is how it'll be ok? Good.

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my first part of my diary.
today's topic.
My chem fantasies.

We all have them.Fantasies.I have my chem ones.
Let me explain mine in detail.

Ok so half the time I fantsize about Gerard.
I mean,who doesn't?
He is fucking hot.
and have you actually listened to destroya?!
I'm actually listening to it right now..
and lemme tell ya,it's fucking sexy!

where the fuck was I?

so anyways.
in my little fantasys,I dream that he goes to my school.
He is still looking the same as he does now,just,around my age (13 years old)
and I dream that we start dating and shit..
It gets steamier but Imma stop right there and go on to the daydreams I have at

im playing vampire money and I think I just heard Gerard say

'you can suck my --'


Sorry that just umm
caught me off guard a little bit..

Where was I?

Oh yeah,the school daydreams..

Now,we all hate school.
am i right?
now I live in England.
It sucks.BIG TIME!
So,I decide to go off in my own little mind at school..
so the other day (no a few weeks ago,its the xmas hols)
I was in french class.
Our teacher was just talking random shit that I sometimes don't listen to..
and my dream began..
My Chem (in this fantasy) came to MY school!
They came into MY class!
They asked to talk to me!
I wanted it to be real SO BAD!
Back to my fantasy..
They took me out of my class and Gerard asked me a question
(No,it wasn't to marry him.Calm down girls)
He asked if I wanted to tour with them.
I said sure.
3 weeks later in my fantasy,boom!
I'm touring with My Chem,bitchez!
Fantasys never come true..
Right.Your turn.

Do you have any My Chem fantasys?
Tell me!

xoxo love ya!
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