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God I am so bored..

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Guys,I am so bored...
I'll let you in on my imaginary boyfriend..

It's Gee from his revenge era..
He looked very good looking back then..

Gee:Ya I know

me: sigh Love ya

Gee:Me toos!

Isn't he cute?!

Also:my head REALLY hurts.

I also finished my other fic today.
You guys should read it.
It's called Drowning In My Sleep.
It features me!

Gee: I made you a coffee cuz I know you got a headachepasses coffee

me: Thank yous!

sips my coffee

So umm where was I?

Oh right.

So,do you have any mental boyfriends from the diffrent eras of My Chem?

KK guys...
Love yas!

xxx Sadie xxx
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