Review for The Other Side

The Other Side

(#) ReddyDevil 2013-01-02

'Kinkfest.' /'... The kinky bastard.'/ I SEE A PATTERN DEVELOPING HERE!!! (I think I've started something else! :/) Jon Walker, we know your secret. ;D

(And on a repeated reading of the previous chapter, I was able to eliminate Little Mc Skinny-Fuck from the possible band members, so I knew it had to be either Brendon or Spence.)

I can't wait for her to meet the guys. That's gonna be such an interesting point to the story. And to see how Jon reacts to all of them there, with pictures and stories... I still wanna know how he died, you know. Maybe it will give me an insight into how to kill Ryan off in a fic I'm writing for my friend. (Despite the fact that it is entirely her plot, she neglected to mention that part.) And why he hasnt moved on to the afterlife (and upon reading that word repeatedly, I had the A7X song of the same name in my head. Which I didnt object to, because HELLO, Synyster Gates is a fucking amazing guitarist. (and quite good-looking too; I think I'm starting to understand your 'hot-tattooed-men' aesthetic. Especially if they're in bands. ;D) ).

Anyway. Dylan and Jon's relationship... I love all the various degrees and how they're progressing. Recently I read a fic where the main pairing were calling each other 'baby' by the start

Author's response


(Little Mc Skinny-Fuck, lmfao. That is beautiful.)

I'm going to try my hardest to make it interesting, and not just completely stupid lol. His death isn't that interesting but... eh, hope you like it- as odd as that sounds. Is that fic posted?!? And Ryan dies?!?
Everytime I hear afterlife I think of FOB. Haha. (IT IS ABOUT TIME YOU GET IT! Seriously... yummy. They are just freakin' delicious looking.)

That is so weird, and awkward. Like, I could see having Jon call her baby in a rude or teasing way, which I might do haha. I've thought on and off about it but seriously? So awkward.

And thank you! I always LOVE your reviews!