Review for Enough Room For Two

Enough Room For Two

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-11-14

Alright, it said zero reviews when I hit the button so I´m hoping this will actually still be the frist one, once I´m done typing. Just to spite Crystal, of course.

First off, why wasn´t Sheena in this? Just kidding. I really appreciate this. :))) (Sheena, however, wishes she and Andy had kept their mouths shut about his... STRANGENESS (32).)

Second off (which, I know, you don´t say... but I do), "chillaxing"? PLONKILICOUS word! It goes into my DoJ dictionary. Along with "plonkilicious".

This is a perfect ending. There´s just not more that I can say. (But Crystal will, as I´m sure.) It´s just super the way it is. :) Also, you´re more than welcome for the "support". After all, we´re in DoJ, right? DoJhi5 followed by DoJ plonk drinking because Katy finished her story.

Now, fill us in on what´s going on in Not Looking-Land. :)

Author's response

please explain the numbers. looks at you blankly

P.S Go read a review I left on that new story er, what's it called, Is this Fiction or something. I hope you like what I put there.