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Numero Treinte - El Amor es Amor.....

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Sorry it took so long to update, I was slightly delayed by Carpal Tunnel of Love....Damn Genius.

With the only sound being the birds chirping and the wind rustling up the peace of the trees, it set the scene for a brilliant moment as they sat on the grass together in the garden.

Their 8 week old daughter, Aimee, lay asleep on a yellow blanket before them and both Shay and Patrick's eyes were fixed on her. Fixed on her huge head of dark hair, courtesy of Shay. Fixed on those adorable pouty lips that were also from the Mexia side, however she was a perfect blend of them both.

Patrick's hand gently stoked her tiny body and touched her soft hair.

"I never want her to grow up, can't we just keep her like this?" He smiled, Shay laughed gently put an arm around his shoulder, leaning her head against him.

"When you see her grow, you'll change....." She said, he nodded.

"I know....." He agreed,

The silence was apt, it only made the world around them more observing of the moments they were sharing as a new family.

"Hey, remember when Rory first said crap....." Patrick smiled. Shay stared at Aimee for a while.

"I remember every single moment with him Patrick...." She said, Patrick looked at her. He gently kissed her. She laid down and snuggled her head in his lap, looking up at him. He softly brushed her floppy fringe out of her eyes and smiled at her.

"I swear you become more beautiful every day...." He said, she smiled and reached up touching his face.

"That was sweet....." She smiled.

"It's the truth....I don't tell you enough how I feel about you....." He added.

He laid her down on the grass and straddled her thighs, leaning down to kiss her passionately.

"I can't help but think we're all too young to be doing this......" She said softly, he was only inches away from her and he pecked her nose softly.

"Maybe....but...." He stopped, he looked into her eyes.

"But what?" she asked, tingling the back of his neck with her fingers.

"Maybe she was exactly what we need, y'know? Some couples just go on, they fight, they make up, the just go on like they don't know how to do anything else........We have a reason to work out problems, we have a cause......apart from the fact that we love each other." He said thoughtfully. She leaned up on her elbows and smiled at him.

"What?" He smiled, she just grinned at him.

"Pete's right, you are golden...." She said, he looked bashful and she pulled him down into another kiss.


Pete, Sarah, Andy and Sheena were round and they were chillaxing in the living room.

"Oh my god, I had no idea you were into that??" Sarah gawped at Andy and Sheena, who was now furiously blushing after Andy's confession of his 'other' side.

"Dude - I always knew!" Pete laughed and Andy looked a little sheepish that he'd embarrassed his girlfriend.

"Pete and I did it-"

"-hey!!" Patrick stopped her. Everyone looked at him. He silently pointed to Aimee.

"Do not defile my daughter's ears! For that matter, do not defile mine!!" He said, Shay laughed gently, she was breastfeeding Aimee discreetly under the blanket. She finished up and smiled as Aimee's eyes followed her.

Shay stood up and handed the baby to Sheena.

"Wind her?" She asked,

"Whoa, er, I don't know - I ...." Before she could protest, Shay had slipped into the kitchen, she looked at Andy helplessly, holding the child awkwardly.

"Oh god - that's funny!" Sarah laughed, Andy helped her hold her at least in some maternal way and Sarah told her to rub the back gently. Before long, a big burp followed, then sick.

"Ew! Ew! Andy! It was sick!" She whined. Sarah threw the towel over.

"She...She was sick!" Andy corrected her.

"Right....look, I love kids and all but this .....this is weird...." She said uncomfortably.

Shay walked in with a huge pizza and put it down on the table in the middle of the room.

"Oh Sheena! You suit babies!" Shay smiled, Sheena eyed her awkwardly. Everyone laughed, seeing the girl's evident shiftiness.

"Do you think you'll have more kids?" Andy asked Shay and Patrick.

"No!" Shay blurted out as :

"Yeah!" came from Patrick.

They both stared at each other.

"You don't?...."

"You want?"

They both said at the same time. There was a silence and Shay stared at Patrick hard. Was he serious??

Everyone felt a little uneasy and Pete broke it.

"I'm eating this Pizza!" He said boldly. Sarah followed close behind and grabbed a slice.

Patrick and Shay were still looking at each other. She had no idea he felt the way he did and Patrick did not know Shay felt the way she did either.

The doorbell rang and Patrick rushed up to get it. He'd been gone a while, Shay pulled herself up and as she did, he walked in and stood in the doorway. Shay's eyes stared wide at him.

The boy was asleep in his arms and Patrick's eyes were as wide as Shay's. Sophie stepped from behind him. Shay glared at her, telling immediately from Sophie's complexion and her eyes that she had been using again.

"Shay - I..." Sophie started but Shay intervened with a furious response in Spanish. Everyone looked at Shay, firstly, they'd never heard that tone come from Shay before, secondly, it was in Spanish.

It only took seconds for a war of Spanish words to begin flying and Shay stormed towards her. Shay shoved her sister hard against the wall and pinned her slightly, the anger in her was uncontrollable. The verbal exchange continued and Sophie tried to fight her off.

Patrick rushed in after settling Rory down on a bed and yanked Shay off her sister. He pinned her arms backed.

"Shay!!" He growled. The others in the room, all stood and moved back towards the other side of the room.

Shay fought against Patrick hard and shouted angrily at her as Sophie tried to defend her abysmal actions. He had never seen Shay in such a fit of rage in the entire time they'd been together and the fury in her was almost uncontainable.

"Shay!" He shouted again and hauled her away from Sophie's proximity. She stopped for a second, her face was flushed with the anger and her eyes were wide with the confrontation exposed before her.

"I hate you!" Shay spat, Sophie stared at her. She shook her head, as if denying that accusation and swallowed.


"-I do! There is not a bone in your body I don't want to crush...." Shay said in low, menacing tone. Tears fell from Sophie's eyes.

"I'm sorry!" She cried

"You were never sorry, you never are sorry and you never will be....." Shay finished.

With that Sophie slid off the wall her sister had previously had her up against and out the door.

Patrick continued to pin Shay's arms, still feeling the tension in her muscles, like she was about to explode. Her breathing was ragged and shallow in the top of her chest and her teeth were hurting where they grit together so tight.

When he felt her go, he turned her round and stared at her. His hands touched her face gently and she suddenly broke away, rushing to the room.

"Where is he?" She called and Patrick followed hurriedly, she'd found him sleeping on their bed and she stared. She rushed over and gently picked him up, he stirred slightly but didn't wake. Her anger gave way to the love she always had for him as she fell to her knee's gently, she held him tight. Patrick stared at Shay, tears stinging his eyes as he saw the desperateness in which she held him.

Shay rocked him gently and kissed his head over and over. Sarah came to the door with Pete and they observed this overwhelming situation. Aimee snuggled in Sarah's arm, oblivious to the drama.

She physically couldn't stop her crying, it was like Shay had saved all her tears for this moment because even though her baby boy was back, she was racked with sadness and it was too much. She couldn't believe he was actually in her arms.

"Mama!" The little voice croaked and she looked at him suddenly, his eyes open. His green eyes stared at hers. His hand wiping her face.

"I missed you so much!!" She cried, he instinctively hugged her tight and she gripped him.

"Baba!" He called, Patrick knelt down and kissed him hard.

"Baba's here!" She smiled and Patrick stroked his head softly. His face lit up in excitement and he threw himself around Patrick's neck. Patrick squeezed him as tight as was possible without breaking him. They all hugged tight and Shay looked at Sarah, she beckoned her over and she knelt down too.

"Hey Rory.....This is your sister, Aimee!" She said softly. Rory was unsure, he stared at the small human and his hand gently touched her face, her nose. She stirred slightly. He flinched his hand back and stared at Patrick.

"baby!" He said

"Yeah that's right - Baby Aimee!" He said, Rory smiled and touched Patrick's hat, ripping it off his head.

"You....Mama stay?" He asked, raising his little eyebrows.

"Yes, we're staying!" Patrick smiled.

"I sleep....I sleep ..." He tried to get the words out and Shay beamed at him.

"You sleep with us?" She asked, he nodded.

"Of course baby....." She said gently.

"Baby!" He said, pointing to Aimee.

"Aimee!" Patrick said softly.

"Aim...." Rory started, Patrick kissed him hard.


Opening her eyes she blinked away the slumber. The room was bright and the bed was lovely and warm, she stared at the three other bodies next to her. She smiled and held up her imaginary camera.

"Snapshot!" She whispered.

Patrick had Rory tucked under one arm, his head buried cozily into his arm pit, she could understand why, it was the squishy part, she liked to cuddle there too. Then there was Aimee, she lay asleep on his chest, in her cute white baby-gro.

She leaned in gently, avoiding the children and kissed his lips softly. He didn't respond at first and she pressed a little harder, tugging his bottom lips slightly. He moaned gently and his eyelids slowly opened.

"Hello Handsome!" She whispered, he smiled softly. She kissed him again.

"You need to get up!" She said, he groaned.

"Why?? It's so cozy in here....." he moaned, she laughed gently.

"Because......You need to marry me today!" She smiled.

He smiled and brought a free hand up and pulled her in for another kiss.

"Oh yeah...." He said sleepily, she giggled softly.

"Tell me you love me Patrick Stump!" She whispered, he kissed her softly again.

"I love you Shay Mexia, I love our children and I love our life." He said contented.

"We love you too...."

I hope this classifies as half decent ending, thank you so much to the reviewers, the people who took the time to read, take in and absorb this story. Thank you to those who didn't, because when you're bored enough one day and you read the 30 chapters, I know you'll feel stupid for not reading it sooner. Meh! I'm such a smeghead.

Come join me in getting tipsy on good cheap Californian white wine and eat dairy milk chocolates. It's the only thing I know how to do.

Special thanks to Alex and Crystal for their support - so where's this division of Joy business?? Maybe it should Derision of Joy.....I'm finding the lyrics hard because I'm too distracted by Patrick's Orgasmic Falsetto......faints
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