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Chapter 29 - Who the hell is John Braxton Hicks??

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Explanation and Parturition.

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Pete pushed Patrick into his apartment and his footing stuttered slightly as inhibition worked against his feet.

Sarah looked up from the sofa, Shay was laying there resting with her head on Sarah's lap. Sarah's hand momentarily paused from soothing Shay's hair as she realized who had brought home with him. Shay opened her eyes and turned her head, as she saw him she saw sat up quickly and stared at him.

"What are you doing here?" She asked firmly.

He was silent, the words hadn't even sorted themselves out in his head yet.

"Tell her Patrick!!" Pete urged him,

"Tell me what?" She asked in the same tone, she stood up and walked towards him.

"What's going on?" Sarah asked and stood up, Pete gestured for her to stay back.

"Patrick - tell her!" Pete said again, with a hint of frustration.

"I..." He stammered,

"What?" Shay asked.


"-Sarah - just stay out of it for a moment!" Pete butted in.

"He didn't sleep with Greta!" Pete blurted out.

Shay stared at Pete, her expression blank, her eyes were sad and empty, it didn't appear to have instilled hope.

"Who was it?" Shay asked in a blunt tone.

" wasn't didn't-"

"-Just tell me who it was then we can get this over with!" She said angrily.

"He didn't sleep with anyone - God - Patrick, just tell her the truth!" Pete said, refereeing them both in his apartment.

"Is this true?" She asked him, she stepped one step closer to him.

He nodded.

"I could never be unfaithful to you..." He said, his eyes were so sad, it reflected in hers too.

"Then why did you-"

"-Because in a moment of complete insanity inside my ridiculous head I thought that you'd be better off on your own than with someone who's never home and can't give you what you need - I know it's stupid, and I know it was cruel but it felt like the only thing I could do to convince you to leave!!" He blurted out.

Shay was dumbfounded.

"So you weren't unfaithful...." She asked, checking she'd got this right.

He shook his head.

"And you thought by telling me that you were that I would leave because I'd be better raising a child on my own?" She asked,

He shook inside.

"Without you?" she asked again, he looked at her again, her eyebrows were raised.

"I'm worried that I can't give you what you head is so messed up. You're always so forgiving of everything that's wrong in our relationship and I'm scared that one day you just won't forgive.....and that you'll leave anyway!"

Pete looked at Sarah, he moved closer to her and took her hand gently, he stood behind her and wrapped his arms over her shoulders.

Shay moved closer to Patrick, taking his hand gently she placed it on her tummy and he felt a soft warm hand around his face.

"We have been through a lot, I understand why you're scared, I understand why you think it won't work and I understand more than anything, what an amazing person you are.....and I know what a great Dad you are....and what a great husband you're going to be.....but some things you just have to trust a try." She said softly to him, tears forming in her eyes.

"See there you go , already forgiving!" He frowned, she made him look at her.

"I don't know how to do anything else! If I don't, I'll just end up bitter...What's the use?" She asked,

There was a silence as they just shared eye contact for a few moments.

"I would never cheat on you Shay..." He said, she nodded and smiled softly.

"I know...but you were kinda convincing...." She smiled. She kissed his lips gently and she frowned gently as she kissed him firmly.

"Now take me home.....we need to do some serious talking!" She whispered. He nodded.


Sarah was folding laundry for Shay as she sat on the floor, her back against the wall.

"I just want her out now!!" Shay called out and Sarah laughed.

"No can do sweety - you have another 3 weeks of this!" She smiled.

"Easy for you to say, you don't have a small child kicking your ribs - I can hardly breath!!" She whined.

"You're right, but I live with Pete, so I can relate on some level!" she said, Shay laughed again and rubbed her back hard.

She slowly got up and Sarah smiled at her modestly pregnant friend. Shay pressed her hand against the wall firmly and held her stomach and then looked at Sarah.

"What?....Shay?" She asked.

"Why do I feel like I wanna push??" She asked, a worried expression on her face. Sarah rushed over to her.

"Are you having contractions?"

"No, No I don't think so, .....Just the Braxton Hicks* contractions but the midwife said it was fine!" She explained, Sarah took her hand and gently walked her over into the kitchen and that's when they went.

"My waters just broke!" Shay cried worriedly.

"Holy crap!! Er...Oh my god - what do I do??" She asked flustered.

"Call Wendy, her numbers on the refrigerator!" Shay explained, staring down as the water at her feet.

Shay stood holding the worktop and that's when she felt the strong urge again and the pain was getting stronger.

"The baby's coming!!" Shay cried, shaking her head, she couldn't believe this.

"She's on her way! She said to remember your breathing...she'll be 20 minutes!"

"Call Patrick!" Shay blurted out as she tried to manage the pain.

The midwife rang the doorbell, Sarah ran to get it.

"Thank God!!" Sarah cried and Wendy followed her through to the bedroom.

"Oh Shay!" Wendy smiled, seeing her sat against the bed on the floor, her face flushed and damp from the pain she'd been in.

"Hi!" She gasped.

"You want anything for the pain?"

"No I'm good!" She said again, breathing deeply.

"How far apart?" Wendy asked.

"Almost not apart....nearly constant!" She moaned gently as another contraction came.

Patrick burst through the door, Pete hot on his heels.

"Shay??!" He yelled.

"In here!!" Sarah called.

"Push push push!" Wendy said calmly and Shay grit her teeth hard.

"Oh my god!" He moaned upon seeing Shay laid against the bed.

"Patrick!" She gasped, he rushed over to her and fell to his knees, she gripped his hand hard.

"She's almost here Shay, just a couple more pushes, really hard!" Wendy encouraged and Shay obeyed. Patrick gasped at how hard her hand was squeezing his and he winced slightly.

"Come on Shay, work with it, push through the pain...." Wendy said softly.

"It hurts!!" She cried.

"Oh I know darling but I promise you she'll be worth it - think of your new baby girl..." She said with a smile, that seemed to be all she needed as she pushed her hardest and that's when she heard the cries of the baby. Their baby.

"Oh Shay!! You did it!!" Patrick gushed and gripped her head in his hands firmly, kissing her. She was in shock, she'd actually done it and only half a minute later, was handed her baby girl.

"You did a fantastic job!" Wendy smiled but Shay didn't hear, she was besotted with the little pink faced bundle in her arms.

Patrick nor Shay could speak, they just both stared at their daughter. Shay cried silently and leaned down, kissing her softly.

"No-one can take you from me...." She whispered. She kissed her nose softly again.

* - Seriously who the hell thinks up these things?? Anyhoo, Braxton Hicks are contractions often called False Labour, my poor sister was blessed with them!

P.S This is dedicated to Sophie and this account is not too far off the true version of events that I was priveleged to be a part of....seriously one of the most emotional things of my life!
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