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Chapter 28 - What a Load Of FicWad

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She calmly packed the small red suitcase with her essentials, regimentally folding the clothes and packing things at straight angles. The tears were involuntary and she'd giving up trying to control them.

Patrick stood at the door, helplessly watching as she continued to move things into the suitcase. There were no words that he would be able to say at that time that would even begin to compensate for the betrayal.

His actions were unjustifiable, unloyal and on the rather wrong side of imperfection. What was he thinking? He was trying to think it all through. He couldn't understand it himself;

Between the betrayal and various forms of verbal abuse that rolled around in her head, only one thing stood out.

She wasn't enough to him. Neither was the child she was carrying.

She zipped up the suitcase and it thud to the floor, she pulled out the handle and pulled it behind her as she moved past him. He seemed a different man to her now.

Walking across the open hall way, she slipped on her jacket and hat. She stopped as she was about to open the door. He stared silently and didn't dare move. She left the suitcase for a moment and as she approached him from across the hall, he could see the purpose as she pulled off the ring.

She pushed it into his palm.

He gently took and before he had a grip of it, she had already turned and was walking away.

She stopped once as she opened the door and the cold crept in like a stranger. She turned to him, her eyes were glassy and her lips tightly closed.

"How could you do this to us?" She asked, before he could answer, the door had closed.


Shay shivered as she stood on the big steps of Sarah ( and Pete's ) apartment. Sarah buzzed her in and she was waiting at the front door as Shay climbed the last steps up to her floor.

"Oh no..." Sarah said, taking her closest friend in a hug. She pulled away.

"You got enough room for two?"

Sarah smiled and touched her face softly, opening the door and ushering her in.

Pete shivered as he stood at the door of Patrick and Shay's house.

"Come on man, I know you're in - open it now!" Pete said, banging hard on the wall.

The door opened and he pushed himself in quickly.

"Freezing my balls off out there dude...." He said as he walked right through.

Patrick scuffled in, Pete turned to look at him.

"Why are you looking that - isn't this what you wanted??" Pete asked, gesturing his palms face up. He slapped them down and they hit his thighs.

"Her face...."

"Her face, her heart.....her baby!?" Pete said.

Patrick looked at him suddenly.

"I can't do it!" He snapped back defensively.

"Bullshit!" Pete said angrily.

"What do you know!?" Patrick said, turning his back on him.

"I know you!" he argued.

"Then you should know that I can't do it!"

"Too's too late Patrick." Pete said.

"What a ficwad story too, you slept with Greta?? Please ....." Pete said , opening the cupboard and taking out a glass.

Patrick slumped in his chair.

"She's better off on her own - I'm never around, I can't stand seeing her eyes every time I have to leave....."

"She loves you know how lucky you are to have someone as loving and caring as her?.....She worships you...." Pete said.

"I just lost it - I bottled it......and I couldn't stop the words coming out my mouth! Then it all blew up...ugh! God - I'm such a screw up!" He said, wrestling with his heart and mind.

"You need to seriously think about what the problem is here......and you need to fix it."

Patrick looked at Pete.
He threw his head into his hands. Pete shook his head and rolled his eyes.
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