Review for Enough Room For Two

Enough Room For Two

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-14

so what, alex beat me. i'm at work, and i'm not even suppose to be searching FicWad, but i saw you updated and i couldn't stop myself.

first of all, this is the end? my sappy side wants to kidnap you and force you to make a sequel, because i'm sick and twisted like that. why did Sophie decide to give up Rory? and I would love to see an over-protective poppa Patrick with his baby girl. 'nuff said.

with that being said, the writer in me wants to give you a major DoJ high five and some plonk to wash it down with.

i'm going to use an itemized list now. brace yourself.

reasons why i loved this ending:

1.) humor in the form of referencing Sheena and Andy in their current, um, predicament. that's just good taste.

2.) rory is back! hells yea. the way he interacted with them as if he never left made me want to jump for joy (division, haha). oh, and the bitch fight between Shay and Sophie got me fired up. i love bitch fights.

3.) baby Aimee and the way she bring Patrick and Shay together, and turns Patrick into a sensitive poppa.

oh, and the numbers are only used when someone refers to me as strange (33). that's a fairly large number, being that this number game only began three days ago and started with 1.

gah, are you even reading this still? because at this point in the review i'm just talking out of my ass. do your part to save your sanity and stop reading this now. seriously.

Author's response

I have three words to say to you, I know they may not mean much, but I'm finding it very hard to say so just bear with me.....OK here goes......

Division. of Joy
Thanks for the email too. When are you updating you sciver?? I'm waiting............still waiting........are YOU still reading THIS??? GO ALREADY!!