Review for I'm sad.

I'm sad.

(#) xxMikeyxx 2013-01-05

Come here for a hug you beautiful person


I know how you feel, I had a huge crush on Zack Merrick and my mum was gonna get ATL tickets but failed and I cried.
So when their tour was happening I just cried and cried knowing he hadn't been so close before.
But yeah, I'll see him in Febuary

And I want Mikey's very sad =(

You've always got me =)

Author's response

I don't know why, but I didn't see this. Haha. Anyway.. HUGS! I've never even been close to Frank in my life. It just feels horrible. :'( February is my birthday month! It's on the 13th! :D Haha. I know I've got you. I love you! Haha. :D xx