Review for I'm sad.

I'm sad.

(#) Ravan-VanSlaughter 2013-01-05

That's exactly how I feel about Ray, but I'm not too bothered with Christa, she's pretty and makes him happy so that's all I care about. If she was hurting him and making him sad then that's when I will pull out my AK47 somehow find out where they live and then blast her into a million peices. Then he will be forever greatful and fuck me! Then I shall have 2 boyfriends XD
You can see I have too much free time to think about these things XD

Author's response

I wish I could feel that way. I'm always going to be the insanely jealous one of people who I like. Seriously. There's a band called The Midnight Beast, which I've mentioned before, and I was so fucking in love with Ashley Horne. It was his birthday yesterday by the way, but anyway. As soon as I began to get over him, he announced that he split up with his girlfriend, who was on HSM3. Anyway. I was really jealous of her, but she was really nice. I think she's a bit of a hipster though. She is annoying, but still. She is nice. I just can't get over Frank. He's the person who I've been in love with the longest. :'( xx