Review for The Other Side

The Other Side

(#) ReddyDevil 2013-01-06

No, the fic's not posted. I'm sort of wanting to finish it before I post it, but it's 30k and counting, so I might just make it my giant WIP and post when I have enough for a chapter. And yes, it's sort of kid!fic, but not. He's dead, but he has a 19 yr old daughter (that he didn't know about) who doesn't know about him and just happens to look like him... Yeah. Like I said, it isnt my plot. I'm trying to make it as less cliched as possible.

Aww, well then I'll just have to review more! Haha. XD

Author's response

That's a good idea. I have a bunch of stuff typed up that I haven't posted yet. I wish I could get to a finishing point, but I suck at finishing stories. Endings are not my thing. I'm too abrupt, I think. I'm writing a Spencer fic at Atomickilljoys request though. I'm kind of really bad at requested fics though. X.x So it might be crap.
Hmm. That seems interesting, though odd. I probably wouldn't be able to write it, haha, but you could do well with it.
Yes! me too! :D