Review for I'm back!! Auditions

I'm back!! Auditions

(#) Poisoned_Medow 2013-01-07

Name (middle name required please): kalya harley doherty

Age (the story will be set during 'university years' - basically late teens early to mid twenties): 19 (can be changed)

Crime fighting name (I thought of using killjoy names but if you have something else in mind, go for it): Midnight storm

Personality: shes quite bitchy and very scarcastic if she does not know you, but if knows you shes bubbly, protective and easily excited

Superpower (just see that little note on the bottom if you have trouble with this one):shapeshifter or can control weather or vampire (can choose any 1)

Type of weapon that you use (if you wish to use one):double pistols and sword.

Relationship: gee please or if any 1

Sexuality: BI

Birth Place (which therefore provides an accent): ireland in derry, so an irish

Musical preferences: likes most music types but not rap

Likes: batman, art, animals, singing, comics,

Dislikes: chavs with a passion,

Fears: being in a tight spces (i forgot whats it called D: )

Ethnicity/ Race: irish

Style (what you wear daily to school or shopping):skinny jeans, comic tees, band tees,leather jackets, biker boots or converse.

Appearance (I'll make it easier for both of us):
Hair colour and style: long blond hair which is curly when not dryed
Eye colour light green
Tattoos and piercings. lip ring
Height and skin tone 5'8, pale

Costume (planning on having a uniform for all, all suggestions welcome): well she has a big obession harley quinn from batman:

and/ or

Anything that I’m forgetting: nope