Review for I'm back!! Auditions

I'm back!! Auditions

(#) FightingForever 2013-01-07

Name:Vikki Alice Armstrong


Crime fighting name: Lady Doombox (as in boombox, it's what my friend calls me :) )

Personality:Cheeky, mischievous but can turn very nasty when angry, usually laid back though.

Superpower: Vampire, sounds awesome

Type of weapon that you use:Hand to hand combat but maybe a blade?

Relationship: Single?

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birth Place: I'm actually a Geordie so I have a pretty strong accent :)

Musical preferences:Mostly rock and punk, some metal favourites are MCR, Misfits, Sex pistols and Green Day

Likes: Music, songwriting, playing guitar, playing guitar hero and COD

Dislikes: Bullies, ignorant people, Nicki Minaj

Fears: Turkeys (Don't laugh), bleach and dying without saying goodbye

Ethnicity: British, half Italian

Race: White

Style:Skinny Jeans, black vest tops or band shirts and either my black parade jacket or black hoodies, scruffy converse

Appearance:Short black choppy bob, 5'4, brown eyes with green and gold fleck, kinda slim not skinny, Snake bites and ears pierced, stars up right arm and skull and crossbones on left wrist, heavy Black and red eyeliner, olive skin tone

Costume: I have no idea, an eye mask maybe?