Review for I'm back!! Auditions

I'm back!! Auditions

(#) cj_warner94 2013-01-07

Name (middle name required please): Christy Jane Gold

Age (the story will be set during 'university years' - basically late teens early to mid twenties): 23

Crime fighting name (I thought of using killjoy names but if you have something else in mind, go for it): jack of hearts

Personality: funny, bubbly and outgoing. Adventurous and wicked in fights

Superpower (just see that little note on the bottom if you have trouble with this one): shapeshifter

Type of weapon that you use (if you wish to use one): bow and arrow

Relationship: single

Sexuality: bi.

Birth Place (which therefore provides an accent): England

Musical preferences: rock and metal

Likes: singing, writing, drawing and playing guitar.

Dislikes: bullies

Fears: peacocks...

Ethnicity/ Race: white British

Style (what you wear daily to school or shopping): black skinny jeans, baggy tshirts

Appearance (I'll make it easier for both of us):
Hair colour and style black pixie cut
Eye colour brown
Tattoos and piercings tattoo of a jack of hearts on my arm and nose and lip ring
Height and skin tone 5'6" pale

Costume (planning on having a uniform for all, all suggestions welcome): black spandex....

Anything that I’m forgetting nope :)