Review for I'm back!! Auditions

I'm back!! Auditions

(#) FrankIsMySexGod 2013-01-07

Name (middle name required please): Penina Avigail Dayne

Age (the story will be set during 'university years' - basically late teens early to mid twenties): 19 if that's okay. :D

Crime fighting name (I thought of using killjoy names but if you have something else in mind, go for it): Mythomania Danger

Personality: Friendly, funny, sarcastic, witty, bubbly, loyal, hopeless romantic, but I can get angry at times.

Superpower (just see that little note on the bottom if you have trouble with this one): Can I be a mermaid? If not, you can chose. :D

Type of weapon that you use (if you wish to use one): If I ever need it, a laser blade thing. :D

Relationship: Can I PLEASE be with Frank? I'll kiss you, unless you're not comfortable with that, in which case I will nod at you graciously.

Sexuality: Straight.

Birth Place (which therefore provides an accent): London. :D

Musical preferences: Rock, and other things. Mainly rock, but I can cope with other genres if I think they're decent enough. I despise Nicki Minaj, 1D and Justin Bieber, because they're not music, they're horrible noise. Haha. :D

Likes: Good music, the internet, swimming and water, animals, Frank, sleep, comfortableness, and pyjamas. :D

Dislikes: Spiders and other insects, mean people, extreme weather, and when people I care about are hurt or upset. :(

Fears: Spiders and insects. Also old people scare me too for some reason. :L

Ethnicity/ Race: I'm white and Jewish.

Style (what you wear daily to school or shopping): Tops like this:$zoomPopup$&hei=499&wid=1063 (they have to be short sleeved. I hate long sleeves on me. It's uncomfy.) Plain black leggings, and black boots like this:$zoomPopup$&hei=499&wid=1063

When I'm a mermaid though, my tail looks like this:

Appearance (I'll make it easier for both of us): This is me:
Hair colour and style Picture.
Eye colour Greener than the picture.
Tattoos and piercings None.
Height and skin tone I'm 5'3 and my skin tone is the picture. :)

Costume (planning on having a uniform for all, all suggestions welcome): and for the boys they have black trousers?

Anything that I’m forgetting: I don't think so. I hope I get the part though. :D xx