Review for I'm back!! Auditions

I'm back!! Auditions

(#) tdeeley 2013-01-07

Name (middle name required please): Taylor Rosalitta Shaw

Age (the story will be set during 'university years' - basically late teens early to mid twenties): 16 (moved up a couple of years because shes so smart)

Crime fighting name (I thought of using killjoy names but if you have something else in mind, go for it): Neon ink

Personality: really cute, acts younger than she actually is, loves art and bright colours (hence the killjoy name), bubbly and laughy, smart but discrete about it.

Superpower (just see that little note on the bottom if you have trouble with this one): okay so, shes like half cat so she looks like a human but with cat ears and tale. but she has cat like abilities like flexibility can like squease through small places like a jail cell. Acrobat skills (flips and shit), speed, can see in the dark, can keep people in a trance with her eyes, can jump really far and fast and always lands on her feet that type of thing. (think cat woman)

Type of weapon that you use (if you wish to use one): claws

Relationship: Mikey pwease??? ^.^

Sexuality: straight

Birth Place (which therefore provides an accent): new jersey

Musical preferences: punk rock.

Likes: balls of yarn (cliche i know), night time, mikey, people playing with her hair, coffee, skittles, ice cream, playing her bass.

Dislikes: water, people pulling her tail and ears, people bringing up her childhood.

Fears: spiders, mikey leaving her.

Ethnicity/ Race: Itallian

Style (what you wear daily to school or shopping): Skinny jeans (any colour but mostly black)
over sized hoodies (always has her hood up to hide her ears)
baggy t shirts
and odd converse (like one pink on blue)

Appearance (I'll make it easier for both of us):
Hair colour and style-,r:3,s:0,i:97

^but not fake looking^ and it has white cat ears sticking out.

Eye colour- bright green cats eyes
Tattoos and piercings- bottom lip pierced on left hand side
Height and skin tone- 5'4 and very, very skinny and Italian skin tone so pale but tanned at the same time haha.

Costume (planning on having a uniform for all, all suggestions welcome): whatever gets voted :)

Anything that I’m forgetting: she has a white fluffy tail too :)