Review for Alternative uses for an Afro.

Alternative uses for an Afro.

(#) DaniAtaDisco 2013-01-11

Yeah, you said 'Fall Out Boy reference' and I was like 'O.O I must find it!!! re-reads last-ish paragraph hahahahahaha! I love that song!!!!!' But I like your idea with Ray and see how much you can put in his 'fri I mean like really. How much? And yeah fluorescent green. I always wanted to due my hai line green that you see in neon signs of like... 10x brighter.. Yeah. That's what I'd do if I got hold of Gerard. Dye his hair once a month. And change the style every two months.

Author's response

At one point you must give him an afro... Mmmm... Gee with an afro...