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Alternative uses for an Afro.

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I'll write many random one-shots about Ray's killer 'fro and I shall share them here!! :D

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Well... I have a facination with Rays amazing hair. I swear it is going to take oveer the world with its awesomeness some day... Anyway, Here is the first one-shot that I have dreampt up, I hope you like it!! (P.S. I am sorry for only putting Bob and Ray in it, I didn't know how to fit the others in...)

Bob stared at the new kid sat next to him. He had a huge brown afro and a stupid, yet unusually contagious, grin. His eyes glittered as they flickered around the room. Bob as watched, fascinated, he shook the giant afro, and to Bob’s total surprise, a pencil fell out and into his hand.

“Wha-?” Bod muttered to himself, looking at the boy in utter confusion, which was intensified when he seemed unsatisfied with the sharpness of the pencil, and shook his afro in a different direction, and a pencil sharpener fell expertly into his other outstretched hand. The boy proceeded to sharpen his pencil, but he suddenly became aware that Bob was intent on his every bazaar movement.

“Umm… Hi. I’m Ray, are you okay?” He said simply, looking slightly disconcerted.

Bob flushed “Oh. Sorry. No. I’m Bob. I was just thinking that your ‘fro is pretty cool.” He answered nervously; worried that his staring had repelled Ray before he even knew him, and he seemed pretty awesome, with his ‘fro and all…

“Thanks!” Ray grinned, breaking Bob away from his troubled thoughts. “I’ve used it as my pencil case since preschool!” He announced as he jammed his pencil sharpener back into it after shaking out the loose sharpenings and testing the tip of his pencil.

Bob was impressed. “Wow. How much do you have in there?” He leaned forward to try and get a better look at the pencil-case hair.

Ray examined his fingernails nonchalantly. “Oh, just two pens, three pencils, a rubber, a pencil sharpener, a thirty centimetre ruler, a scientific calculator, a protractor, a set-square, ten colouring pencils, and ten felt pens… And my prawn sandwich.” He flourished, looking incredibly pleased with himself. “I can show you if you want. I know exactly how to shake my hair to get out what I want!”

Bob laughed, and patted his own head and sighed in jovial annoyance at the short, thin blond hair that adorned his scalp. “Well. I don’t think that I would be able to even carry a single pencil, let alone what you have up in there!!!” Ray hearing the disbelieving tone that Bob had used, joined in with the laughing. His pencil-case bobbing so much so that a green colouring pencil fell out of the side; which just made the pair laugh even harder.

“Bob! It is nice to see that you have acquainted yourself with our new pupil Ray, don’t encourage him to become like you, and Ray, get that stationary out of your hair!” A woman screeched from the door of the classroom.

Frank sighed. “Don’t take any notice to Miss Flack, she has no clue what she is talking about. Look at Donnie, he is a total wrack because of her!” He gestured towards a small, cowering boy.

“Okay. Thanks!” Ray grinned, shoving the green pencil back into his mountain of hair.

DID ANYONE SEE THE FALL OUT BOY REFERANCE?!?! If so, comment that you did!! Also, after each chapter, I will give you a question to answer in the comments so I get lots of lovely reviews... This chapter's question...

If you could do one thing with and/or ask one question to a single member of My Chemical Romance, what would you do and/or ask? And which member would you want?

I would want to see Ray, and I would see how meny pencils I could fit into his 'fro. Obviously...
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