Review for Alternative uses for an Afro.

Alternative uses for an Afro.

(#) DaniAtaDisco 2013-01-14

Hahahahahaha amazingness. Made my day. And made me laugh. This was amazingly awesomely funny!! Keep up the good work!

And um I'd get um... Oh this is a tough one... I would get um.... Mikey no... GERARD!!! I'd get Gerard the whole building of Starbucks and all the employees because of how much he loves coffee and so he can have the best cup whenever. Plus he'd owe me big time so I can have a lot of coffee whenever so!!! It's a win-win!!!!!!

Author's response

If you got Gee Starbucks, he would give you free coffee... I am Midnight, and you only see Midnight on your clock if you have been drincking coffee... Free coffee for me?

I hope my Sherlock Holmesness managed to presuade you! :)