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Snow 'fro

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And soon they were all in a circle around the 'fro, packing snow into its deapths, laughing and joking about what will happen next lesson.

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Well, here we are!! I've finished my paper, and so, as promised, another one-shot!! I wrote this one because it has been snowing where I live (Yorkshire, in England, I won't specify where in Yorkshire) for almost the entire day, and as an added bonus, I've got a migrane AGAIN, so I had to stay home from school...

Anyway... Enjoy!

Mikey woke up on the first day back at school and sighed. He hated school. His awkward knees and glasses making him a prime target for bullies. He swung his legs reluctantly over the side of his bed and sat up to stretch the last drop of sleepiness out of himself. He stood and wandered over to his window, expecting to be greeted with the same site as he always recieved, gray, smoggy skies and soggy, chewing-gum splattered pavements. He tugged open his Unicorn curtains (His mum wasn't that pleased when he had chosen them from the girls section of Wal-mart), and was instantly blinded by one of his favourite sites. Snow. The crisp whiteness quilted everything in silence and made the grimy streets of New Jersey look peaceful, and almost welcoming.

"GERARD!" Mikey squealed, clapping his hands together childishly whilst jumping towards his bedroom door, and across the hallway to the stairs. "Gee! Look! Snow!" He yelped breathlessly when he reached Gerard's basement room, only to be met by the form of his snoring brother. Unditerred, he hopped forward and gave the form an almity shove, causing it to scream and almost punch him in the face with shock.

"Mikey! Bastard! Get the fuck out of my room!" Gerard huffed, angry and with no sign of apology for the near miss of his fist on Mikey's face. "What do you want now?" He grumbled, all anger gone with his still sleepy state as he heaved himself onto one of his elbows.

Mikey giggled exitedly, "Snow, Gee, snow! We've got MOTHERFUCKING SNOW, BITCH!!" He anounced, punching the air in victory. Hearing this, Gerard whooped and leaped ot of bed. His enthusiasm as great as his younger brother's.

At school, lunchtime, in the snow

Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Bob, and Ray were sat undernethe their normal tree, the one where they had captured as their own on the first day of term when they first joined Bellville High. Frank was sat on Gerard's knee, trying to get Gerard to let him warm his hands inside his blazer because his hands were still freezing from making snowballs and getting his fingerless skeliton gloves soaked in the prossess; Ray was leant agenst the trunk of the tree, snoring, with his jacket wrapped around him cozily, and a few feet away, Bob and Mikey were flicking small snowballs into his 'fro as it moved gently with every breath he took.

Bob gave Mikey a shove, and whispered something into his ear, when Mikey nodded in agreement at whatever had been said and they both started to giggle evily, Gerard cocked is head in confusion. Frank took this as his chance to delve his hands not only under Gerard's blazer, but also his shirt.

"Shit Frankie!" Gerard screamed, jumping to his feet in surprise at the sudden cold of Frank's hands, and promptly fell flat on his face in the snowdrift that was building itself around Ray, which caused his peaceful slumber to come to an abrupt and painful end as Gerard's noes slammed into his groin. The noise that he made was somewere between a masturbating whale and a cat drowning.

"The fuck, dude?!" He shouted, "I thought you only went near Franks dick!" He snapped, gripping at his genitalia in agony. Frank looked a bit embarrassed for a second, but the comedey of the moment was too much to bear, so he burst into heartfelt histerical laughter.

All this time, Mikey and Bob were on the sidelines, whispering and giggleing omniously. They were planning something evil. Suddenly, Bob rose quickly to his feet, Mikey passed him a large snowball, and he walked proposefully over to Ray, who was still cursing and holding his crotch, and crumbled the snowball over his 'fro.

Anger flashed over Ray's features. "Again, The fuck, dude?!" He shouted, this time to Bob, who had joined Frank in the histerics, Gerard and Mikey wasn't too far behind. "What is it with you guys? Am I the only sane person in this group?" He asked incredulously. looking at his friends, who had started to roll around, laughing so hard that they didn't care about the harsh cold of the snow against their cheeks.

"I - We... We thought - Me and Mikey - that we could... Could... Make a snow man on your head!" Bob stuttered, howling the last few words. Ray rolled his eyes and looked once again at his friends.

"Okay. You need help, but that might be fun..." Ray trailed off, lost in thoughts of turning up to forth period with a snowman on his head. "Lets do it." He finally stated, before grabbing the closest bit of snow and whacking it into his afro with a childish grin spreading on his face. The others found the grin contagious, and soon they were all in a circle around the 'fro, packing snow into its deapths, laughing and joking about what will happen next lesson.

I know, a bit of an odd one, but I enjoyed writing it, occasionally looking out of my window at the late January snow... Anyway, This story's question!

If you had to buy one member of MCR one present what would it be, who would it be for and why?

I would get Frank some stilts, so Gerard doesn't have to bend down to hug and/or kiss him... awww, cute :)
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