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Note (Sorry!)

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I promised myself that I would never post one of these infuriating things, but I need to check something...

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Um... Yeah...

I looked at what the ratings are for my other chapters, and the first one that I did, I got four rates for funny (yay!), but my other ones, haven't got any rates for them. I live of rates. I have a low self esteem and I am really am doubting if the other two chapters are any good. I know for a fact the first one is the best one, and so I understand that, but rates are amazing, to know that people are giving me their Rating Points makes me so full of good feels!

I will try to post the next one-shot soon, I know the last one didn't have much to do with Ray's 'fro, but I will try harder with the next one. Promise.

If my first story can go green, I only need one more up-vote, I will post this chaptered story called "Money making Schemes", which was originally going to be a chapter on here, but it grew too long... SO I AM HOLDING IT HOSTAGE!!! Duh, duh, duuuuhhhh!!!!! Trust me, I think you guys will enjoy it, I showed the first chapter to a One Directioner in my class and even she was giggleing away so much she was given a detention, and now she hates me... Oh well...
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