Review for My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2013-01-15

just exactly the way i feel. only that i discovered mcr when i succeded in killing my true self and i was just working on the finishing touches of some kind of shell to hide the nothing that was inside me when mcr came and just knocked me straight off my feet only to let me regenerate properly and give me courage to be who i really am and show what i love. i'll never be able to thank them enough and i'm reminded of why i love them whenever i hear one of their songs. when life gets hard i feel like a can't bear listening to them while at the same time i really need to. and if i do then i'm feeling a bit better afterwards...that's just the passion and honesty that's withing their songs...they mean what they say.
god i should stop babbling./.

xo k