Review for My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

(#) LanaKrueger 2013-01-25

Thank you for this, it was much needed. I feel like MCR is my 'home', because home doesn't have to be a house where you live, I think it exists somewhere in our minds. MCR's music makes me feel safe and appreciated, like I can do anything I want to & I can be whoever I want to be. To be honest, I neglected them in the last few months, but I guess sometimes we have kind of "run away" and wander around, because when you return home, you appreciate it even more.
Aw sorry, I got a bit emotional, I didn't mwan to ramble!

PS I'll read all of your updates soon, my exam period [aka 2 months of unbearable stress and 3 hours of sleep per night] is finally over, so I have time to read yay!