Review for You assume Sarah is a bad person.

You assume Sarah is a bad person.

(#) Struppi 2013-01-27

Dude i didn't call him worthless but he is not the victim here. Seriously?? He was following her on Twitter as well as her friends they posted à shitload of pics of them together and he got engaged while married. He's 33 year old man, not a kid who skipped school. Married people can divorce when things don't work out, what he did was beyond disgusting.

Author's response

People keep referring to this as if they know exactly what happened. Tell me what you think what happened and exactly why you know it. I bet you've talked to Mikeyway haven't you? You know EXACTLY how his marriage was. What if Alicia cheated on him too and he got tired of her shit and left? What if they where already DIVORCED and then he started dating this other girl and Alicia got upset? Come on, guys. No one knows what fucking happened so calling what 'Mikey did' disgusting is saying something like Repunzel had blue shorts hair and prince charming used rope.