Review for Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

(#) FrankIsMySexGod 2013-01-27

D: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NEARLY OVER! I loved this chapter though. Haha. Danny, you made everything awesome! Danny and Hazel need to be together though. They're in denial of their love for each other. I'm still reading this, but after everything that's gone on I forgot to review it. Still. I love this story so much. Will there be any more from you once this is finished, because I love this story! Update soon please! :D xx

Author's response

Thank you for reading :)

For a moment there I was wondering if there was even a point in finishing this at all since it seemed everyone was leaving this site so what's the point... But I will, no worries there.

I'm not stopping writing after this is done, though for a while it may just be oneshots and such :D I don't think I'll start another +100 chapters long story any time soon... I am, though, working on two novel ideas, that's exciting (not).

Next chapter will be up soon! I promise! Cross my heart, if I'm lying, then may the fires of hell devour my soul.