Review for Gerard In The Shed

Gerard In The Shed

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2013-01-27

do you have any idea how much i love this big pile of fucking bullshit you wrote xD it describes the way rumors work on such a hilarious level-it's amazing.
seriously, throw a rock into the sea called mcrmy and st the other end there's a fucking tsumani-an nobody knows what rock caused all this.
we know jackshit.
i call it the mcr fandom stalker explosion. seriously.
i like how you're able to pull this off.
no need to freak out because mikey and alicia devorce and he has a new girlfriend. that's all we know, right?

xo k

Author's response

Awww, pickles, thank you so much!
That is so true about the MCRmy. They need a life. I mean, sure I am a total MCR stalker too, but...

Imagine it this way. If Gerard were to cheat on Lyn-Z with Frank, half of the girls would be all like "YAY FRERARD FOREVEH!" People wouldn't care if Mikey cheated on Alicia with somebody else in the band, like Ray, Frank, or even Gerard. But since he cheated on her with a girl, they're all huffy and jealous. '

It's Mikey's life, and hey, shit happens.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!! XD