Review for Auditions For My First Story

Auditions For My First Story

(#) CyanideSuicide 2013-02-01

Name (full please!): Muzzy Samantha Star

Nickname(s): None

Age (15-18): 17

Looks: blonde curly hair pulled back into two buns with straight bangs, green eyes, pale, 5ft7, she wears thick leggings with different prints on them, various colored long sleeve tops and different colored vests with hoods, and sneakers

Personality: a bit shy around adults and people of authority but is outgoing when you get to know her, witty, loves to make movie references, loves museums and things like that

Anything else you wanna add: I'd your looking for a good fanfic there's one I forgot the name but its a panic! Story about a blind girl and she becomes friends with the band. It's really good. Also you can change anything you want to :)