Review for Auditions For My First Story

Auditions For My First Story

(#) Sam41 2013-02-02

Name (full please!): Sam Wesley Alexx
Nickname(s): Alexx, Lex, Wes (nearly never goes by Sam)
Age (15-18): 16
Looks: Hair dyed like Jack Barakat's skunk hair, shoulder length, worn messily down; silver-blue eyes with a light tint of green, 5"6.5, about 123 pounds
Wears a lot of band stuff (Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, All Time Low, BVB, blink 182, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Green Day etc.), with a pair of bright or ripped skinnies and her signature converse and 'Anthem Made' brand beanie
Personality: Laid back, yet really bubbly and happy; randomly starts singing and really doesn't care what you think
Anything else you wanna add: She always blasts her music, no matter what song is playing; Ohmysquidgy, yes..please let's be friends :D