Review for Auditions For My First Story

Auditions For My First Story

(#) lastcallforsin 2013-02-02

Name (full please!): Brooklynn Nikole Chastain

Nickname(s): Brook

Age (15-18): 17

Looks: 5'6", slim but with curves, long, wavy, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, pale olive skin. Clothing style is pretty normal: skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, any type of shoes, any type of accessories. Pretty much if it's cute, it'll be worn!

Personality: friendly, caring, witty, blunt, honest, funny, sarcastic, nerdy, adventurous, stubborn, confident yet shy, open-minded, smart, realistic

Anything else: Do tattoos count? If so, anchor and rope tattoo on right hip. Rope comes out to write a quote above the pant line, saying "Smooth seas never make for more skillful sailors.