Review for How wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying...

How wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying...

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2013-02-05

okay i love the story. it's well written and everything, but the latin is...well i'm just a smartass. the latin's wrong. i'll use the last sentence as an example:
Mea videbo vos cum mortui...
mea is my. ego would be i, but normally you just
leave it out-videbo is enough, it already means 'i will see'
vos is second person plural. don't confuse this, it's the 'plural you'
cum with ablativ means with. it can also mean as, because and things similiar to that.
i'm not that good at latin so you're stuck with this half hearted correction-don't actually know if there's more. an advice-if you want to use another language, know how to use it.
other than that i absolutely adore this. please don't feel offended by my smartass comment.

and i apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes. i'm writing this on my ipod and it won't let me see my full comment unless i post it :/
i'm such a hypocrite...

xoxo k

Author's response

I asked my friend who is apparently a person who can speak latin which I now know is LIES!! And I may have to scream that at him when I see him I shall have to correct this now so thanks for pointing that out that could have been really embarrasing

Also thats so cool you can speak latin!! I can say like 3 words in german but there all swears lol

Thanks again xoxo