Review for MegaMistake


(#) Mirazal 2013-03-21

Wait okay this was really interesting. I think I got most of it down, but... that was kinda dark. And fuck if FicWad dies holding FFN's lifeless hand I am going to cry for the rest of my life.

YouTube gurrl wut doin wit MSPAF huh
I just feel really bad for PoMo there because I tend to sympathize with the best friends in romance movies who are all nerdy and have a crush on the girl best friend. Which is what I'm connecting him with.

This was a really great chapter, seriously.

Author's response

It was supposed to be kind of dark.

For me, MSPAF is sort of a darkish character. He started off as a really nice boy, but his session was never supposed to move forwards. He's had to reset his timeline MULTIPLE times in order to protect his friends. He's found another session with a player that his session needs in order to move forwards, so not only does he need to worry about his friends, he's also gotta protect this guy.

So that means more Timeline resets and do-overs. Oh, and since he's doing that so often, it's not like he'd forget all of that, either. So he remembers what happened, what could have happened, and what should have happened. MSPAF has no idea what around him is real anymore, but he's got this hope/fantasy of being the hero and Heir of Time even though it's actually killing him and messing up his memories.

Youtube doesn't know about PoMo's feelings yet! She'll flirt with whoever she'll damn well please!
But PoMo's got a dragon. So that should make up for it.