Review for A quick audition for a fic

A quick audition for a fic

(#) FightingForever 2013-03-24

Killjoy name: Lady Doombox, most people just call me Lady D though

Gender: Female

Age (preferably over 18): 23?

Looks:Short black hair with a slash of blonde going through my side fringe, 5'3, slim but not skinny, tanned (part italian), I have a few tattoos a skull and crossbones on my left wrist and a collection of stars on my right. I have big browny-orange eyes with a hint of green in them an average nose and full lips. I guess thats it really

Personality (briefly): I'm quite hyper a lot of the time but sometimes I can get really withdrawn and seem 'spaced out' as my friend puts it. I am incredibly loyal but it's a really bad idea to screw me over because I can be pretty brutal if I need too,

Fighting style: A mean right hook and some judo training, I got a pretty good kick on mr but I'm mostly like a boxer. I throw a whole lot of punches, you won't catch me pulling hair and scratching ha ha

Anything else you'd like me to know: I'm not sure, if you need to know anything just ask really. If it helps I do havea killjoy mask that I made out of boredom one day. It's black and goes across my eyes, kinda like poisons, but I made it look like there was a red spider web across it. If you need anything else just ask :)