Review for A quick audition for a fic

A quick audition for a fic

(#) Sam41 2013-03-24

Killjoy name: Toxic Angel
Gender: Femaaaaaaaaaaaale
Age (preferably over 18): 19
Looks: Shoulder length hair, dyed/cut like Hayley Williams(when she had the orange/blonde colour), silver blue eyes with a tint of green, middle weight and 5"6.5, has viper bites on the left side
Personality (briefly): Quiet, can be loud when she feels like it, good at being put on the spot
Fighting style: Tends to use her fists and elbows, aims for the face, jaw and back of the knees; if need be she will use anything around her that can be used as a weapon
Anything else you'd like me to know: She acts badass, learned everything she knows about taking a punch/self defense from years of going to concerts/being in mosh pits