Review for A quick audition for a fic

A quick audition for a fic

(#) HatedEyes 2013-03-24

Killjoy name: Zombie Riot

Gender: Male.

Age (preferably over 18): 27.

Looks: His hair is a jet black, falling to the bottoms of his ears. There are neon blue and neon green streaks running throughout it. He's deathly pale, 6"5 (scarily tall) and a slim 75 lb. All along his right arm, he has a Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve. On his left wrist, he has the lyric "darling, it'll be okay". On his chest, he has a heart with the words "Alice Armstrong". Also, under his right ear, he has lipstick marks tattooed. He has neon blue stretchers, only the size of Matt Flyzik's. He also has snakebites.

Personality (briefly): He's a bit cold, especially towards the younger ones. He tends to zone out, and only listens to Party and Ghoul.

Fighting style: He tends to trip them up, then step on their chest until the can't breathe. He also tends to break every bone in their body, slowly, before shooting them. He's a vicious, sadistic character, because of what happened to his fiancé.

Anything else you'd like me to know: Before he became a Killjoy, he was engaged to a girl named Alice. They were hideaways, living in Zone 3. Dracs found Alice, and slowly killed her in front of him.

His real name is Jared Bell, and sometimes Party will call him that when he's zoned out.