Review for A quick audition for a fic

A quick audition for a fic

(#) RyanCyanideKiller 2013-03-24

Killjoy name: Mustang Heart
Gender: Male
Age (preferably over 18): 21
Looks: Dark brown, wavy hair that's chin lenth at the longest point. It thins out from the top and has a lime green streak on the right side. One eye is blue and the other is dark brown. He is a little tan. 5'9 and lanky.
Personality (briefly): He tends to be calm and kinda quiet, but he has a wild and stubborn side. Once he gets an idea in his head, its very difficult to get him to change his mind. Has a bit of a bad temper, but he's pretty good nautured about if.
Fighting style: Prefers to use a weapon, but he has a nasty punch. Usually aims for the throat or solar plexis.
Anything else you'd like me to know: He's allergic to alcohol and doesn't eat dairy, but he's not vegan or lactose intolerant.