Review for Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

(#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2013-03-28

My last day of school was yesterday, as you know. In the last class of the day, my homeroom teacher quite literally threw lollipops and Easter eggs across the room at us. Then we got to have a dance party, which was funny because everyone was partying hard, and me and my friends just sat there like "Bitch, please." XD The rest of the class we got to do whatever, which I used to cry and flip shit and flail over my new OTP. All in all, a great day.

xxxxx Liz

Author's response


Lol. Loved your attitude to the dance party. Reminded me of the harlem shake video with PTV, SWS, ATL and Of Mice And Men (if you haven't seen it WATCH IT NOW.) when Kellin was just stood against the wall like 'aw hell naw man' xD.

You got lollipops and Easter eggs?! Can I have some pwease? Sadie wants the Easter eggs now.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sadie