Review for Sets of Three, They Say...

Sets of Three, They Say...

(#) whatkatydid 2006-11-20

You used Spanish, I have to squeeze you now. squuuuuuueeeeeeze YAY!

There was a particular chapter that you executed with such precision I was completely floored, seriously, I would have paid to read a book if it had this in it:

/Lunch with Pete had gone well. Weird well. He was a nice guy, but as Polonius said, brevity is the soul of wit. The most ironic bit about that statement is the way Polonius completely lacks brevity, and wit, consequently.

Pete wasn't quite brevity-less, but not so full of brevity. His habit of dancing around the truth or tip-toeing around the answers to her questions may have been poetic and intelligently cynical to some, but it drove Meg up the wall.

Don't be mistaken. Meg loved the time she spent with Pete. He was funny, and charming and all of the things she'd gathered about him during their first impressions. He just wasn't the type of person deaf people enjoyed trying to communicate with. His sarcasm seemed like rudeness, and his cynicism made the glass seem so sad, and half empty. He'd have to get over that, because she wasn't going to give up on him just yet.


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