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More Matter, Less Art.

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"How'd it go? You have to tell me. Did he pay? Did he kiss you? Did you hold his hand?" Mal's hands were flying and Meg was just watching, more than amused by her antics.

"Are we thirteen? Do we have braces and hair growing in weird places? Negative Mal. We went to lunch as friends, and that's what we still are even after arriving home. Friends. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, if you're done with your questionnaire, I'd really like to go change. These shoes are about as comfortable as walking on pins and needles." Mal just nodded.

"I'm done. Go change, but I would really like to know how it went when you're done." Meg gave Mal a thumbs up, pursed her lips, and walked into her room to change. What a day.

Lunch with Pete had gone well. Weird well. He was a nice guy, but as Polonius said, brevity is the soul of wit. The most ironic bit about that statement is the way Polonius completely lacks brevity, and wit, consequently.

Pete wasn't quite brevity-less, but not so full of brevity. His habit of dancing around the truth or tip-toeing around the answers to her questions may have been poetic and intelligently cynical to some, but it drove Meg up the wall.

Don't be mistaken. Meg loved the time she spent with Pete. He was funny, and charming and all of the things she'd gathered about him during their first impressions. He just wasn't the type of person deaf people enjoyed trying to communicate with. His sarcasm seemed like rudeness, and his cynicism made the glass seem so sad, and half empty. He'd have to get over that, because she wasn't going to give up on him just yet.

Meg pulled a pair of jeans over her long legs and placed a hooded brown shirt with three-quarter sleeves over he cream colored cami. She put on a pair of brown flats, and after deciding nothing could be done for her straight brown hair, she went into the living room.

"It was fine. Pete means well, but for now, I don't think he's the kind of guy I would date. Perfectly nice guy though. He paid, yes. We ate Thai. Lemongrass. It was great. Best Friday afternoon I've seen in awhile, but the whole time, I was sort of wishing I could have been kicking it with Patrick." Mal scoffed.

"Why. So you could spill hot drinks all over each other? What is it? Some sort of sexual game? Neither one of you can seem to stop. You have a problem, and it's my duty as your best friend to get you help. Pete recognizes this in Patrick. I'm sure. We'll get you guys counseling. I swear." Meg sighed.

"You perv. You always take sexual jokes too far. It's probably why I still hang out with you." Mal squeezed her eyes shut and smiled, while Meg pulled out her compact, fixing her contacts.

"Why aren't you wearing your glasses tonight?" Mal asked Meg.

"Pete says I have nice eyes. I should show them off. Thought I'd give it a try."

"Yes. You sound so un-interested." Meg shook her head, putting on her coat.

"I have to run to the store. I'm all out of Kashi shit. I'll call you when I get there and see if you need anything." Mal nodded and followed Meg out, heading upstairs to her own apartment.


"Shit. What a lawnmower." Mal said, as she reached for her phone.


"Hey Mal, It's Pete. How are you?" Mal was shocked. Pete Wentz's voice was coming from the receiver. Why the fuck was Pete calling her. Shouldn't he be calling Meg? Scratch that.

"Hey Pete. I'm good. How are you?"

"Good. I actually was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

"Depends." She really just wanted to make it sound like she might say no, or at least be hesitant. Yeah right. Like she was going to give second though to doing a favor for Pete Wentz. Yes. A resounding yes, Peter.

"Um, I went to lunch with Meg today, as you know, and I was wondering if maybe you could let her know that I had a really nice time, and also tell her not to, you know, think I'm a jerk. I was sort of sarcastic a lot of the time, and I don't want her thinking I'm an ass." Mal laughed.

"She really doesn't Meg's got a lot of faith in people. Anything else?"

"Yeah. You're coming tonight, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Would you like to get some coffee afterwards. Maybe teach me to sign a bit?" Mal made a face. Was this happening?

"Of course. As long as I know Meg is with someone who will get her home safe." Pete nodded, understanding.

"Patrick. Duh." Mal laughed.

"That's what I was thinking. I have to go sound check, but I'll see you later, okay?"


"Bye." Mal hung up the phone.

Her life was getting weirder and weirder, all because her friend couldn't watch where she was going.
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