Review for Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

(#) BeccaIsNotOnFire 2013-04-12

Missy aged 16, pale skin, short and extremely thin. Brown eyes and long, wavy purple hair that is dipdyed blue and has a heavy side fringe. She was sent to the mental hospital at the age of 14 as she was suffering anorexia which she still hasn't managed to change. She seems sweet, ditsy and naive most of the time but she gets angry really easily (mainly if her weight is mentioned or someone close to her is getting hurt). She is also diagnosed as bipolar which is the reason for her short temper. Umm any couples going to be in this story ;D

Author's response

Well, just the PTV boys (but I get Vic ok) I'll also put in SWS too. You can get Gabe okay. I ship the two of yous aswell.