Review for A Chance Acquaintance

A Chance Acquaintance

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-20

i love the relationship ollie shares with logan, the way you have them communicate and describe the things they've been through together really develops the story.

and i loved how you described Pete seeing Ollie through Patricks point of view. it made it humorous, but also gave us a chance to see how both ollie and pete reacted.

i must admit i am sad, however. only two chapters left... :(

Author's response

Thank you! I sometimes feel that i get abit carried away with Ollie and Logan! It is after all supposed to be a Pete/Ollie FF! I cant help it though, something about them makes me want to create a huge past for them! Petes abit of an ass to write to be honest, which is why i tend to write from Patrick's POV. Dont be sad! Logan, Ollie and...well yes lets not give too much away...but yes the next fic that i'm aready writing has many guest apperances! XX