Review for Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

(#) NothingToProve 2013-04-26

I've done that
I made my hoodie with the printer method (turned out totally sick!)
Lyrics on the front with the logo on the back

But you can't re-create a flag (it's like a fabric poster, and they have a fucking assload on the website i use)
I can't wait until they come in!

Social anxiety hm? That sucks (my best friend used to have it; but it only phases her rarely now)
Keep your head held high and ignore what everyone thinks; cause the world sucks xP

Author's response

I do.
Headphones in school 24/7, playing what all the kids call 'screamo' but I only have one screamo song which is The Final Episode but it's badass.