Review for Let It All Burn

Let It All Burn

(#) RhiannonLeighBlack 2013-05-23

Because I know you'll appreciate con crit, I'm going to critique for you. So far, so good, loving the plot. =]

Hansel and Gretel were cold, standoffish teenagers, with hearts of stone and virtually no emotion. Their eyes were empty when they smiled, and that is always the sign of a sociopath. They held no remorse as they slowly slit open a frog. They could do vile things and not regret anything. For the most, Hansel and Gretel were sociopaths.

Instead of sociopath twice, I would have gone with psycho, or another synonym.

The only other criticism I have is to proofread, there are some words that letters were left off of, and if you're like me, it bugs the hell out of you. Other than that, you're golden. I love the plot, love the tone, love the concept! Bravo, rating you up. =]

Author's response

Now I'm gonna sit there proof reading and just growling and mentally slapping myself for errors.

Thank you so much, momma. :)